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Pool Tile Repair
Replacing the tile is one method to spruce up your swimming pool. Tile is often done when renovating or resurfacing your swimming pool. Whether you choose glass, porcelain, or ceramic tile selection is very important. It can turn an ordinary pool into a dramatic visual masterpiece.
Pool Coping Repair
Coping is the term used to identify the stone or concrete material used to cap the top of your swimming pool. There are various types of coping that can be used which ranges from brick, natural stones, and pure cast cement
Pool Resurfacing
There are a variety of choices that are available to you. We offer traditional all-white plaster, known as Marcite. Marcite is most commonly used due to it’s durability and inexpensiveness. Other options include aggregate pool finishes. The new generation of plaster pool surfaces are mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, and glass beads. These aggregates creates a longer-lasting pool surface, however, the downside is it can be more costly than your regular Marcite.
New Pool Construction
We provide the knowledge and know how to get your dream pool from design to your backyard, installed and ready for enjoyment.  We can take your plans and execute them using our fully licensed, trained and expert team, or help to move a dream along and turn any plans into reality.  We control the job from start to finish and all phases of the project are directly under our control.  We take all new construction projects from inception to completion. Book an appointment today.

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